Navy: 1st Quarter Live Blog  

I know I hadn't really planned on doing this, but since I'm sitting here watching the game on TV I can't see why I shouldn't do a little live blog...

1st Quarter
15:00...How about that return! Explosiveness like that will go a long way.

14:01...After a pretty conservative 1st and 2nd down (which is expected). Riley hits Kenny Moore on a nice crossing route for a TD. Great start for the Deacons. 7-0

13:49...Although they could have caught that screen and maybe gone a long way, if they feel like they have to be throwing on 1st down I think this will be a good afternoon...but that was a nice option play. Man the option is scary.

10:31...About a 27 yard field goal for Navy. 7-3 Wake leads. We looked rough there for a little while, and that option looks like it can be nasty. I'm not entirely sure what we changed, but we held well in the red zone.

10:11...Kevin Marion having a day (or at least a 1st quarter) on special teams. Question...should I write this going down, or should newer posts go up? Let me know.

8:34... Careful there Riley...great scramble, but lets not get ourselves hurt with a sloppy slide like that.

7:32...Great drive for Josh. Several solid runs, great footwork and pretty good looking speed too. Ends it with a 1 yard touchdown run. Wake leads 14-3.

7:25...As good as we've looked on kick return, that kick coverage has struggled both times now. Once again they have the ball over the 40 yard line to start a drive.

4:32...Ridiculous spot there on 3rd down. Great hit by Chip, it should be 4th and 1. They probably go for it on 4th anyway, but I'd rather make them do that then give them an easy first.

2:34...We gotta be more disciplined then that against this Navy offense. They're going to get their big plays, but we can't give them 5 free yards on stupid penalties like that.

0:46...Good stop on 2nd down, but that TD was more or less inevitable at that point. 14-10 Wake still leads. I'm not sure what to say about our defense at this point. I don't feel like they are playing poorly, just haven't quite figured out how to prevent those 7 and 8 yard plays that allow them to keep getting first downs.

0:00...End of the first quarter up 14-10. We're going to have to keep putting points on the board to win the game because I don't think we'll be able to stop the option consistently. Also, CSTV announcers are terrible. I know many of you on the board thread noticed that rediculous comment about Grobe and Lobo figuring out how to take advantage of Wake having 8 in the box on D. Come on. We're driving again, lets go put some more points on the board.


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